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Natural arthritis relief, safe, effective and risk free relief from arthritis pain

Natural remedies for arthritis are still thought of as "Hippie Medicine" (or even witchcraft!) by some members of the medical profession. However our aim is to show people the benefits of using natural arthritis relief to heal their arthritis pain thus minimising the dangers posed by taking chemical arthritis pain relief.

Unfortunately we've all been led to believe that our only alternative to diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis is to manage our pain the best way possible while trying to minimise our risks. Not only is this frustrating, it's just simply not true.

The trouble is, if a patient asks their doctor about natural remedies for arthritis, they are quite often brushed off or given a negative response. Then, discouraged, they meekly accept the prescription handed to them and go on their way...

Don't put up with this any longer!

It's your body and you have the ultimate say about what goes into it, so don't be pushed into taking anything without knowing what the potential side effects are. Do your own research, there's plenty of information on arthritis drugs and their side effects.

Alternative medicine is gradually gaining popularity with the general population despite the opposition and manipulated data presented by the pharmaceuticals. Truth will out and that's what's worrying them. Maybe that's why they feel it necessary to present clinical trial results which have been skewed by commercial interests.

Please read this article, many are still unaware of this: Pharmaceutical fraud: How Big Pharma's marketing and profits come before consumer safety and wellness

Nowadays we all want instant everything, whether it is coffee or pain relief! Natural remedies for arthritis are not necessarily the fastest remedies. This is because they sometimes have to cure a basic imbalance in the body which may take up to a few weeks. However natural arthritis relief is much safer and longer lasting. You won't have to buy any more expensive (and often dangerous) drugs.

Everyone who thinks they may have arthritis should be properly diagnosed by a doctor. Your doctor may then refer you to a rheumatologist for a more detailed diagnosis. This is essential no matter which treatment choices you make. A natural practitioner does not have the diagnostic facilities or training that the conventional medical profession has. Not that they get it right all the time, but it's a good start!

Once you have an accurate diagnosis you are in the powerful position to make a choice. Find out as much as you can from your doctor or rheumatologist. If you can find a doctor or health care practitioner who is trained in holistic or alternative medicine, grab him or her with both hands!

This is so important as doctors are busy and are often under the influence of drug companies who seduce them with free samples and even theatre tickets and other gifts to get them to prescribe their products.

We have a responsibility for our own health and well being. Never has it been easier than today to find out information quickly. Don't swallow anything (pardon the pun) that may endanger your health in the long term. Even if you need fast pain relief at first, always seek natural remedies for your arthritis once your symptoms settle down.

Not all natural substances are safe (consider poison ivy!). But on balance natural remedies for arthritis will be safer and better tolerated by the body than conventional arthritis drugs.

Natural remedies for arthritis go beyond pain relief and look at the whole body with the aim of healing and reversing disease, rather than simply masking the symptoms.

Finally completed! Our book on natural arthritis remedies is the cutting edge guide for all those who would like to try these natural and gentle remedies for themselves.

Click here to have a look. I have had some great feedback - thanks very much! - It's always good to know that this information is helping people. It's a dream of mine to save as many people as possible from the prescription "merry-go-round".

A lot of people have approached me regarding their doctors' negative feedback on natural remedies. Yes, you'll get that all the time unfortunately! And while the large pharmaceuticals rule, this attitude is not going anywhere anytime soon!

Why not sign up for our free 6 part arthritis course which examines types of arthritis, managing pain safely, what to eat (and not to eat), the best exercise for arthritis, myths and legends debunked and finally the futures looking bright!

This course can save you $$$ by giving you information you may not be aware of. Information the drug companies don't want you to know!

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Thank you so much for the articles you've been sending which somehow had helped me in easing the pain of my arthritis.
Everyday when I opened my computer, the first incoming e-mail I retreive is your natural arthritis medication article. It truly helped a lot.

Hi Wendy,
Thank you very much for the informative course.  My mother has rheumatoid arthritis while my husband has a gout arthritis.  We have her X-rayed and it was found out that her right knee has no more cartilage.  She was taking glucosamine. 
Again thank you and God Bless.
Norma (Philippines)


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